Confidence in textiles – tested for harmful substances

It is a global testing and accreditation scheme for the screening of harmful substances within consumer textiles. It is the leading label for textiles that have been screened for harmful substances.

The Oeko-Tex certificate issued by the relevant institute or responsible certification centre is valid for 12 months.

It verifies that the articles listed have been successfully tested according to Oeko-Tex Standard 100 and satisfy the requirements of a common product class.

Harmful substances banned under the Oeko-tex Standard 100 include:

  • Specifically banned AZO dyes
  • Carcinogenic and allergy inducing dyes
  • Formaldehyde
  • Pesticides
  • Chlorinated Phenols
  • Chloro-orgainc benzenes and toluenes
  • Extractable heavy metals
  • pH value
  • Phthalates in baby articles
  • Emission of Volatile components
  • Odour
  • Organotin compounds (TBT) and (DBT)

Within the certification process there are three product classes which are relevant to the products we supply:

Product class one: Textiles and textile toys for babies and small children up to the age of three. Cotton Roots embroidery threads meets Oeko-Tex 100 in this the highest product class.

Product class two: Textiles which, when used as intended, have a large part of their surface in direct contact with the skin, e.g. polo shirts, sweatshirts, shirts, blouses etc.

Product class three: Textiles which, when used as intended, do not come into contact with the skin, or only have a small part of their surface in contact with the skin, e.g. jackets, coats.

For further details: www.oeko-tex.com

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